Saturday, May 21, 2005

Exploring Ithaca With Mom

My mom came to visit from Philadelphia for the weekend. The following pictures partially document it.

The sign on this tree, in the Cornell Arboretum, says to treat this tree with great respect because of its age and its character. Posted by Hello

This thick stem of this species resembled a weed, but the hairy leaves on top were very interesting. Posted by Hello

My mother snuck a photograph of me while I was examining some "Lady's Mantle" up close. Posted by Hello

Here is a copy of the photograph I was taking at the time. Later in the day, I learned that the leaves of this plant have been used to ease the symptoms of menopause and menstruation. Posted by Hello

Some variegated leaves found around the same area at the Arboretum. Posted by Hello

My mom peeks through a crab apple tree at the Arboretum. Posted by Hello

My mother rests on a rock underneath a crab apple tree. Posted by Hello

A honey bee enjoys some Golden Ragwort in the Mundy Wildflower Garden, Cornell Plantations. Posted by Hello

The same honey bee inspects a similar flower. Posted by Hello

The same honey bee raises his wings just before taking flight. Posted by Hello

I'm not certain, but this appears to be Wild Flax. Posted by Hello

(Potentially) more Wild Flax. Posted by Hello

Variegated grasses are not uncommon along the creeks which meander through Mundy Wildflower Garden. Posted by Hello

The name of this species, on display in the Herb Garden at Cornell, likely appears on the blurred sign in the background. Posted by Hello

Mom catches me coming down some stairs which cross over one of the stone walls in the Herb Garden, Cornell Plantations. Posted by Hello

A white tulip opens in the Flower Garden, next to the Herb Garden, Cornell Plantations. Posted by Hello

The rhododendrons have started blooming in the botanical gardens, Cornell Plantations. Posted by Hello

Mom snaps a picture of me outside Rockefeller Hall, Cornell University. Posted by Hello

I'm partial to this tree, which grows on the lawn to the west of Rockefeller Hall. Posted by Hello

A bumblebee inspects some flowers on the path between the Big Red Barn and Tower Rd. Posted by Hello

I found this flower next to where the previous picture was taken. I don't know what it is, but it resembles a poppy. Posted by Hello

This panoramic image was constructed by stitching four pictures together. This is the view from the top of the Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University. Posted by Hello

A conversation outside Juna's Cafe on the Ithaca Commons. Posted by Hello


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