Friday, May 13, 2005

Flowers West of East Ave.

A honey bee inspects a tree of what appears to be an apple variety. Posted by Hello

This picture, of the same tree, shows that it is covered with flowers. Posted by Hello

The beautiful pattern of seeds produced by a dandelion. Posted by Hello

The underside of a leaf along East Ave. Posted by Hello

This leaf resembles that of a Dogwood, but without any flowers, I couldn't tell for sure. Posted by Hello

An apple tree, on the south side of Goldwin Smith Hall. Posted by Hello

Two students take a study break outside Olin Library during finals week. Posted by Hello

A squirrel keeps his eye on me outside of Sage Chapel. Posted by Hello

A couple walks from McGraw Tower in the direction of Collegetown. Posted by Hello

The same couple embraces near the Cornell Store. Posted by Hello

West Ithaca from McGraw Tower. A North Campus building is in the foreground. Posted by Hello

Panoramic view of West Ithaca from McGraw Tower. Posted by Hello


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