Sunday, May 01, 2005

Red Bud Woods

During my search for Red Bud Woods, I wandered into a graveyard on the old Treman Estate. Posted by Hello

Upon locating the woods, it was clear where the area got its name. I'll have to return in several days when the buds have flowered. Posted by Hello

Here is a typical view of the woods, which consists mostly of what appears to be younger trees and large shrubery. Posted by Hello

Some long grasses have taken residence around a manmade pond. Posted by Hello

This plant, garlic mustard, is a species native to Europe. It's leaves are edible and are allegedly garlic-flavored. Posted by Hello

This tree may be an American Elder, which would make these elderberries. Posted by Hello

Commonly considered a pest, I feel that the Dandelion is underappreciated. Posted by Hello

This garlic mustard has already flowered. Posted by Hello

students, faculty, and local residents have called for a reversal of Cornell's plan to pave over Red Bud Woods to create student parking spaces. However, all signs indicate that time is running out for Red Bud. Posted by Hello


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