Saturday, April 23, 2005

A Cloudy Day on the Ithaca Commons

Ithaca Commons Posted by Hello

Unloading plenty of onions for the Moosewood Restaurant on Seneca St. Posted by Hello

A news stand on the Commons. Posted by Hello

Waiting to cross Seneca St. Posted by Hello

Rolling across South Aurora, fully prepared for rain. Posted by Hello

This sushi place opened on the Commons in December. It very much reminded me of eating in Tokyo. Posted by Hello

"Song of Innocence", Ithaca Commons Posted by Hello

Water fountain on the Commons. Posted by Hello

Droplets of water from the fountain on the Commons. Posted by Hello

Graffiti on South Cayuga St. Posted by Hello

A TCAT bus waits to begin its route at the Green St.-Commons station. Posted by Hello

A mural underneath the parking garage on Green St. Posted by Hello

The front of Ithaca's City Hall. Posted by Hello

Ten Thousand Villages displays their merchandise on the Commons. Posted by Hello

A TCAT bus about to turn left onto Green St. Posted by Hello

Green St. Posted by Hello

Friendly conversation on the Commons. Posted by Hello

Perhaps Ithaca's only adult toy store is just west of the Commons. Posted by Hello

Whereas most of the women passing by were interested in this cat, most of the men were interested in the women. Posted by Hello

soon as the clouds cleared up, people started filling the outdoor tables at Simeon's and other restaurants on the Commons. Posted by Hello

Enjoying some coffee on the Commons. Posted by Hello

Playing chess outside Moonshadow Tavern. Posted by Hello

These two informed me they had already gotten in trouble for carrying around their 40's. Posted by Hello

Like most of the area, these flowers are in full bloom. Posted by Hello

It's probably about time I walked into a place like this. Posted by Hello


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