Saturday, April 30, 2005

Six Mile Creek & Mulholland Wildflower Preserve

I'm laughing here because my camera lens looks gigantic compared to Jing! Posted by Hello

Beads of rain rest gently on newly formed leaves. Posted by Hello

The Large-flowered Trillium is frequently cultivated in wildflower gardens. Posted by Hello

More wildflowers along the trail. Posted by Hello

Most of the wildflowers in the preserve have not yet bloomed. These were only just beginning. Posted by Hello

The trail required the crossing of several waterfalls of this type. Posted by Hello

Waterfalls were plentiful, each emptying into Six Mile Creek. Posted by Hello

Approaching the lake, which is just beyond the dam in the background. Posted by Hello

This, the second largest waterfall along the creek, guards the entrance to a large lake. Posted by Hello

This plant, which appears to be a fern of some kind, was growing out of a crack in the gorge. Posted by Hello


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