Friday, May 06, 2005

More Flowers in Bloom at Cornell

As the remaining daffodil petals begin to fall, several new flowers are making an appearance on Cornell's campus. Posted by Hello

This Periwinkle has bloomed outside of Stimson Hall on East Ave. Posted by Hello

More Periwinkle outside Stimson Hall. Posted by Hello

These red tulips have bloomed outside Day Hall, the site of the recent Red Bud Woods protests. Posted by Hello

Among the red tulips was a single variegated tulip. Posted by Hello

Meanwhile, the dandelions are beginning to change into another familiar form. Posted by Hello

have still not been able to identify these flowers, but they now exist in large patches on campus and the Cornell Plantations. Posted by Hello

One beautiful patch is across from the bus stop at Statler Hall on East Ave. Posted by Hello

Various colored tulips have been planted on the south side of Sage Hall. Posted by Hello

Here is another view of the Sage Hall tulips. Posted by Hello

Lucy took my picture while we were enjoying the view of the tulips at Sage Hall. Posted by Hello

The massive outdoor drinking and partying event known as "Slope Day", although nearby, hadn't defiled this area. Posted by Hello

These trees, possibly Hawthornes, line the walkway from Gannett to McGraw Tower. Posted by Hello

These flowers were found along the ledge which borders the walkway to McGraw Tower. Posted by Hello

The inner structure was very interesting. A tiny green bug can be seen crawling on this one. Posted by Hello

Red Bud trees on campus are now covered with buds. They are quite remarkable. This one is next to the Chemical Engineering building. Posted by Hello

This tree, possibly an oak variety, stands in front of Willard Straight Hall. Posted by Hello

These interesting flowers are blooming on a large bush at the top of the Slope. Posted by Hello

Political statements are common both on and off campus. This was found on a bench next to the suspension bridge near the Johnson Art Museum. It says: "I get 3 Iraqi kids per gallon. How bout U!" Posted by Hello

The view from the suspension bridge, looking west. Posted by Hello

Some pink magnolias, north of the suspension bridge. Posted by Hello

Here is the suspension bridge, as seen from the north end. Posted by Hello

This house, which borders the north side of the gorge, made me imagine that I was in Europe somewhere! Posted by Hello

These small wildflowers, possibly Smooth Aster, are just starting to bloom outside of Risley Hall. Posted by Hello


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