Sunday, May 01, 2005

Flowers and Donkeys of the Cornell Arboretum

Daisies have bloomed in clusters all over the Cornell Arboretum. Posted by Hello

These flowers are springing up all over the Arboretum, but I have not identified them yet. Posted by Hello

In certain areas, patches of daisies mingled with these purple flowers. Posted by Hello

This flower appears to be Bloodroot. Posted by Hello

This Japanese Skunk Cabbage is flowering along the Cayuga Trail. Posted by Hello

Unfortunately, these flowers tend to droop, so they are difficult to observe straight-on. Posted by Hello

This plant seems ideally suited for collecting raindrops. Posted by Hello

Does the storage of these droplets serve any purpose? Posted by Hello

Several of these flowers were growing along the creek near Forest Home Drive. Posted by Hello

These flowers, in mid-bloom, appear to be some different, although related, variety. Posted by Hello

Blackjack was immediately interested in my presence at the McConville Barn. Posted by Hello

Once we got to know each other, I obliged in offering him some fresh grass. Posted by Hello

After feeding Blackjack, I returned to my Jeep, which was parked on the other side of Dryden Rd. Posted by Hello


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