Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve in Philly and @ Grandmoms, 2005

Jing at Love Park, Philadelphia. Posted by Picasa

The architecture of the side entrance of the Free Masons Lodge in Center City Philadelphia. Posted by Picasa

Liberty 1 and Liberty 2, the two tallest skyscrapers in Philadelphia will soon be eclipsed by a new building, scheduled to break ground in January, 2006.. Posted by Picasa

The Free Mason's Lodge in Center City Philadelphia. Posted by Picasa

As you can see, I take my cheesesteaks very seriously. I enjoyed this one at Rick's in the Reading Terminal Market. Posted by Picasa

I have always liked this sculpture across from City Hall in Center City Philadelphia. The artist intended the clothespin to resemble two lovers embracing about to kiss. Posted by Picasa

Some architecture around 10th and Market St. as Jing and I walked toward Chinatown. Posted by Picasa

Oh baby! It's too bad all these bottles were gifts! Posted by Picasa

My grandmom Hall poses in front of her Christmas Tree. Posted by Picasa

From left to right: My dad, Linda (step mother), grandmom Hall, Aunt Krista, Rick, Aunt Karen, Uncle Mike. Posted by Picasa

From left to right: Me, Michele (sister), grandmom Hall, Christine (cousin), Jamie (cousin), Matt (cousin). Posted by Picasa

Gathered around the living room after opening presents -- very likely watching "A Christmas Story". From left to right: Michele (sister), Matt (cousin), Jamie (cousin), Aunt Krista, Uncle Mike, Christine (cousin), Rick, Aunt Karen. Posted by Picasa


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