Saturday, December 03, 2005

Virgil Mountain Summit, Finger Lakes Trail

Hiked a 4.7 mile loop to the summit of Virgil Mountain today using the white-blazed Finger Lakes Trail and the orange-blazed Virgil Summit Spur Trail.

Lucy and Johannes, shortly after embarking on the journey. Posted by Picasa

I never realized Lucy was such a tree-hugger. Posted by Picasa

On the way to Virgil Mountain Summit we passed by the Greek Peak ski resort. It opened for a single day last week, but closed shortly after because most of the snow had melted. With 10 straight days of snow forecast, it will probably be opening again very soon -- and I can hardly wait! Posted by Picasa

Lucy and Johannes shortly after descending from the summit. Posted by Picasa

For a short while, we had taken the wrong direction. It was not a total loss, however, since we came across this odd looking tree. Posted by Picasa

Part of the trail on the way back went along some power lines. Here's the view from underneath one of the towers. Posted by Picasa

Once the snow falls in Ithaca, it's there to stay until about April. Fortunately, the sky has not yet attained the uniform white/grey color that is typical of the winter season in Central New York. Posted by Picasa


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