Sunday, August 28, 2005

Fall Creek & Park Park Before Sunset

Just before sunset looking west along Fall Creek from Park Park, Cornell Plantations. Posted by Picasa

Looking east along Fall Creek. The lack of rain explains the low water level, exposing most of the rocks. Posted by Picasa

A bee inspects what appears to be either a Prairie Coneflower or some type of Woodland Sunflower. Posted by Picasa

A butterfly jumps from one flower to another. Posted by Picasa

The reduction of the water level has allowed new plants to sprout amongst the rocks. Posted by Picasa

A butterfly perched on a rock on the north side of Fall Creek. Posted by Picasa

The same butterfly from a different angle. Posted by Picasa

Bees were plentiful in this area. Posted by Picasa

Reflections. Posted by Picasa

A lonely red leaf resting below the waves of the creek. Posted by Picasa

I liked the ripples in the water in this picture. Posted by Picasa

More leaves below the water's surface. Posted by Picasa

Similar shot in black and white. Posted by Picasa

A shot of the sky from the south side of the creek. Posted by Picasa


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