Saturday, August 20, 2005

Judson & Megan @ the Farmer's Market, Minns Garden and the Cornell Law School

Johnny Russo, local musician and potential performer at Judson and Megan's wedding next August, playing at the Ithaca Farmer's Market. Posted by Picasa

Megan and Judson introduce themselves to Doug Robinson, another potential performer at their wedding. Posted by Picasa

Doug shows off his jazz guitar abilities. Posted by Picasa

Judson and Megan at the Minns Garden off Tower Rd., Cornell University. Posted by Picasa

Another at the Minns Garden. Posted by Picasa

And another... Posted by Picasa

The wedding will be performed at the chapel in Anabel Taylor, Cornell University. Posted by Picasa

Anabel Taylor Hall. Posted by Picasa

The Cornell law school. Posted by Picasa

Judson and Megan on the balcony of the Cornell law school. Posted by Picasa

And now only Megan! Posted by Picasa

Under the law school arch. Posted by Picasa


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