Saturday, April 09, 2005

Cycling in Varna

After the Phillies were through with pounding the Cardinals, I had an urge to enjoy more of the pleasant weather. I decided to go biking so that I could enjoy some views of the surrounding farms. Several days ago I went biking with Dan, but struggled and failed to make it to the top of Mount Pleasant. Setting it as a future challenge to overcome, I decided to work on climbing some gentler slopes in the area. Perhaps the toughest was climbing up Sunny Slope Rd., which I succeeded in doing. A picture of the Turkey Hill Rd. climb is shown below.

Did I really just bike up Turkey Hill Road?! Posted by Hello

I only biked for about 90 minutes. Towards the end of my ride, I decided to do a loop around the Cornell Arboretum. I snapped this shot on the way there over one of Cornell's farms along Gamefarm Rd.

Sunset overlooking a Cornell farm from Gamefarm Road. Posted by Hello

The ride around the Arboretum was pleasant. Here's a picture of some birch trees which really stood out in the setting sun. I never really noticed them before.

A few white birches stand out during the sunset at Cornell's Arboretum. Posted by Hello

The bike ride was so pleasant that I am thinking about adding a weekly bike ride to my weekly hike. It would allow me to explore different aspects of Central New York and it felt good to use different muscles on the bike.


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