Saturday, March 12, 2005

Abbot Loop (East), Danby State Forest

Hiked about 6 miles in the Danby State Forest today. Started from Michigan Hollow road and went east through the Abbot Loop, which eventually connects with the Finger Lakes Trail. I took that back to Michigan Hollow road and walked down the road back to my Jeep. The entire hike was about 6 miles and it took me about 3 hours. The temperature was wonderful today, especially when compared to the past two days. It was easily above freezing and at some points I wanted to take my jacket off. By the time I got back to Michigan Hollow road, the snow and ice that was there when I first arrived had melted, leaving murky puddles behind.

The picture of Diane's Crossing is actually on the west side of Michigan Hollow, but last time I hiked by it, the batteries in my camera were dead, so I wanted another chance!

My Snowshoes @ Diane's Crossing, Danby State Forest Posted by Hello

Looking up at the Eastern Hemlocks, Danby State Forest Posted by Hello

Some fungi growing on a (possibly) dead tree, Danby State Forest Posted by Hello

The bark of a deciduous tree, Danby State Forest Posted by Hello

Here is a satellite image of the area. In dark blue is an overlay of my track, generated by my GPS.

The eastern side of Abbot Loop. Posted by Hello


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