Saturday, March 12, 2005

Cayuta Gulf / Swan Hill / Van Lone Loop

On Saturday, February 21, I hiked the Cayuta Gulf / Swan Hill / Van Lone Trails, which make a 5.5 mile loop. Judson and Megan went with me and it was certainly nice to have the company! At the time I hadn't yet bought snowshoes and it turns out that I didn't need them. The snow was up to our ankles. Crossing the streams was a challenge. Judson broke through some ice half way up to his knee and Megan slipped and fell on a patch, but luckily didn't break through into the water. Parts of the trail were fairly slippery.

The southern part of the loop was definitely the nicest part. It followed the stream nearly the entire way and the eastern hemlocks provided a lot of greenery. The northern half was logged in the past so the tree cover was not nearly as dense in several parts.

B&W Photo, Finger Lakes Trail Posted by Hello

Interesting Ice Patterns, Finger Lakes Trail Posted by Hello


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