Saturday, April 29, 2006

First Arboretum Trip of the Spring

I was thrilled to see that bloodroot has sprouted again in the Arboretum -- and just where I saw it last spring! Posted by Picasa

This was my first photographic journey through the Cornell Arboretum this spring. Posted by Picasa

More bloodroot. Posted by Picasa

A closeup of a beautiful specimen, scattered with pollen. Posted by Picasa

Of all the geese I've seen, this is the first time I've seen their offspring -- here at Grossman Pond. Posted by Picasa

The chicks search for food as their mother stands guard. Posted by Picasa

Two tadpoles swim around a lillypad which has not yet reached the surface of the pond. Posted by Picasa

A lonely goose walks around Houston Pond. Posted by Picasa

On my walk back to the Jeep, I met a new friend. Posted by Picasa


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