Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving, 2005

Ever since I was born, I've spent Thanksgiving at my grandmother's house and this year was no exception. Some pictures are below.

My grandmom and my Uncle John apparently feel differently when it comes to carving the turkey. Posted by Picasa

My family from left to right: John, Jack, Mom, Michele and me. Posted by Picasa

Aunt Pattie, Michele and I started dipping into the wine immediately. Posted by Picasa

Grandmom and Michele after dinner. Posted by Picasa

Me playing poker with some of my cousins after dinner. Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 18, 2005

Rocky Mountain National Park

The wind in Rocky Mountain National Park was quite formidable. A few times, I had to brace myself to regain my footing. Posted by Picasa

As a result, the highest part of the park, Trail Ridge Road, was closed. But we were able to see quite a lot from the open sections. Posted by Picasa

Here the wind blows around the powder on top of one of Colorado's many fourteeners, far above the treeline. Soon after taking this shot, Pat and I went snowshoeing for a few miles near Bear Lake. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Great Sand Dunes National Park, Day 3

When the sun rose on the third day, I was better prepared. With camera properly in hand, I snapped this shot with the sun to my back as it started to illuminate the sky behind the dunes. Posted by Picasa

The moon was full and bright just before the sun popped up from behind the mountain range behind me. Posted by Picasa

Trees are plentiful near the mountains, but become much more scarce the closer you get to the dunes. Still, some large ones have managed to survive the sandy terrain. Posted by Picasa

The sky was mostly clear this morning, but here you can see the start of some clouds heading over the park. By sunset, a snowstorm would engulf the area. Posted by Picasa

After another day hike, we packed up our tent and packs and headed out. This picture was taken as we passed by the dunes we climbed the day before. The wind had not yet swept away our footprints. Posted by Picasa

Another shot of the dunes as we made our way back to the car. Posted by Picasa

We actually saw many deer during our hikes. This family stared at us for a little while before slowly making its way behind some trees. Posted by Picasa

After we made it back to the car, we parked at a popular visitor location. The scenery was spectacular. Posted by Picasa

The lighting created by clouds of the incoming snowstorm was incredible. Posted by Picasa

This beautiful bird is a Magpie. It's relatively large and seems to be quite common in Colorado. I had seen it many times during my stay. Posted by Picasa

The wind blown sand surface. Posted by Picasa

Another picture of the spectacular landscape. Posted by Picasa

Closeup of the dunes. Posted by Picasa

Pat explores the area as the snowstorm moves in. Posted by Picasa

The Rockies provide a nice backdrop for the dunes. Posted by Picasa

More dunes! Posted by Picasa

Here's a snapshot I took as we were driving out of the park. Posted by Picasa

Another shot taken while driving. Posted by Picasa